The B2R movement began with Eric Swartz, an Ironman triathlete and runner from Atlanta, Georgia. Swartz suffered multiple injuries while training that kept him away from the sports he loved.

When Swartz read Christopher McDougall’s best-selling book Born to Run, he realized the cause of his injuries and he wanted to make it right. Swartz was inspired by the Tarahumara’s ability to maneuver the terrain in Mexico’s Copper Canyons wearing nothing but tire treads strapped to their feet. He was also intrigued by the “special sauce” that allowed McDougall to journey 50 miles into Mexico’s Copper Canyon. So, he called the Born to Run coach.

Eric Orton is the Born to Run Coach living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He operates on a simple premise: the best runners are the best athletes. When overweight, injured writer, Chris McDougall called, he knew what to do. And the book, Born to Run, was made possible.

Later, when Swartz requested the “special sauce”, Orton again knew what to do, and B2R emerged.

Like all “special sauces”, there is no one ingredient – there are many, properly mixed. This relies on knowledge about foot strength training and run technique to help athletes to their personal finish lines. The runner provides that essential element necessary to make big leaps forward in performance: believing that it is possible.

The journey that culminated in the Copper Canyon started a new, worldwide, natural running movement. Born to Run redefined running and the shoe industry. Swartz’s journey to Wyoming marked the beginning of B2R. The idea was to make a product that enhances running and reduces injuries. Ultimate running is training, technique, proper nutrition, and the right foot strength. The B2R system embraces all four of these elements.

 The B2R team researched, designed and developed the right foot strength training combined with the proper run technique, The final version exuded what was recognized in the Tarahumara runner: ultimate performance.

The right strength training program redefines normal.

 The B2R training system is a proven combination of Foot management, Strength TrainingRun technique, and Nutrition. The system is dedicated to the proposition that with the proper run and strength training everyone can boost their performance and experience the joy of running. B2R’s approach to running is natural and holistic, allowing runners to get back in touch with running’s joyful history. The B2R system is designed to give runners the tools they need to run strong and healthy; and to reach and exceed their goals.

The synergy of B2R is built on the foundation that we are indeed born to run. Let the B2R movement redefine you. Run well, eat well, and be well. Join us and leave a whole new impression.